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The Shins have been a constant part of NPR's musical DNA for much of the 21st century. The group's poetic pop has shown up in something like 25 stories on our website, not just because many of us are longtime fans, but also because our listeners love them.

NOTE: Each day this week we'll be rolling out a series of videos from Sylvan Esso that comprise the duo's upcoming visual EP, Echo Mountain Sessions.

Eduardo Garcia and Jennifer Jane the morning after his hand was amputated.
Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story

The Montana-based producers of the movie “Unbranded” have a new documentary opening at the Babcock Theater in Billings this Thursday.

It’s called “Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story” and it's about a man who was struck with 2,400 volts of electricity and survived.

Lynn Donaldson

Ox Pasture features local big sky flavor. For Executive Chef Chris Lockhart, seasonal produce and products from the environs around Red Lodge shape his menu planning.  Local bounty plays the starring role backed by flavors and food from afar. Contributors to the local offerings include Laurel Farmers Market, owned by Leslyn and Greg Johnson. Even more, “local” also applies to the strong community support, filling the restaurant with eager patrons who have become regulars at the popular restaurant.

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This week on the Blue Light Boogie, we wrap up our final episode on time. It may be the last time in this three-part series, but you can still catch Art Hooker every week here on YPR from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tune in or stream it from your desktop or mobile device.

Tom Bensen of Arts Missoula joins MTPR's Michael Marsolek with a report on the economic impact of non-profit arts organizations in Missoula County — a whopping $54 million according to a new report from Americans for the Arts.

"These are numbers that validate what people already know," Bensen says, "that the arts and culture organizations and people contribute a lot to our economy."

Billings Public Lirbary

Summer reading is in full swing, and residents in Yellowstone County have options in finding their summer books. They can drive downtown to the Billings Public Library or the library can come to them.

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It's time again to catch Art Hooker on the Blue Light Boogie. This week, listen to sets on tough times, good times, this time, next time, and the last time. It's a matter of time!

If you have the time, catch Art Hooker every Friday on YPR from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tune in or stream it from your desktop or mobile device.

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On this episode of Resounds: Arts and Culture on the High Plains, hosts Anna Paige and Corby Skinner talk with two enterprising Montanans who both have an ear for music and a heart with a mission.

Blue Light Boogie: Time

Jul 10, 2017
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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times on this week's Blue Light Boogie.

If you have the time, catch Art Hooker every Friday on YPR from 9 to 11 p.m. Tune in or stream it from your desktop or mobile device.