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Playlist #1823 Sept. 15, 2017

“Blue Light Boogie”, Cozy Eggleston, Honkers And Barwalkers vol. 1, Delmark Records,

“Telephone King”, John Mooney, Telephone King, Powerhouse Records,

“You Got The Wrong Number”, E.C. Scott, Come Get Your Love, Blind Pig Records,

Gary Furguson, John Clayton

On this episode of Resounds: Arts and Culture on the High Plains, co-hosts Anna Paige and Corby Skinner sit down with prolific Montana authors Gary Ferguson and John Clayton

This is National Banned Books Week. The  annual event shines a spotlight on materials that have been moved from library shelves. Library officials say this week gives them an opportunity call attention to the value of free and open access to information.

That begs a question: What happens if someone has a problem with a book?

Flavor Moments: MoAv Coffee

Sep 25, 2017
Stella Fong / YPR

A cup of java jolts those who enter MoAv Coffee at the corner of N 25th Street and Montana Avenue in the historic Carlin Hotel built in 1913.  Jeff Hosa, co-owner of MoAv coffee confessed, “We always say we are nerds about coffee.” From dawn to beyond dusk, this gathering space offers caffeine to bring pulse to life in the mornings or calm through wine and beer later in the day.

Blue Light Boogie: Money

Sep 25, 2017
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Join us for a three hour special  pledge edition of the Blue Light Boogie with Art Hooker. You can get the blues on YPR every Friday night from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tune in or stream us online. 

Playlist #1824 Sept. 22, 2017

“Broke And Ain’t Got A Dime”, Precious Bryant, Fool Me Good, Terminus Records,

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This week on the Blue Light Boogie, your host Art Hooker brings you sets on Johns, household architecture, and walls. Tune in every Friday night from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., or stream us online. 

Playlist #1822 Sept. 8, 2017

“Blue Light Boogie”, Cozy Eggleston, Honkers And Barwalkers vol. 1, Delmark Records,

“Join The Band”, John Davis And The Sea Island Singers, Alan Lomax Popular Songbook (various artists), Rounder Records,

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Take a journey through time and space this week on the Blue Light Boogie with Art Hooker. Tune in from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. every Friday evening, or stream it from your desktop or mobile device.

Playlist #1820 Sep. 1, 2017

“Blue Light Boogie”, Cozy Eggleston, Honkers And Barwalkers vol. 1, Delmark Records,

“Travelin’ Blues”, Blind Willie McTell, The Story Of The Blues (various artists), Columbia/Legacy Records

Stella Fong

Raghavan Iyer and James Dodge taught cooking class Savory Sweet: Tater Love for the 25th MSU Billings Foundation Wine and Food Festival.

The two, James Beard and IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) recognized cookbook authors and teachers returned to Montana to help raise scholarships. The class, based on Iyer’s latest book - Smashed Mashed Boiled and Baked-and Fried, Too! paid tribute to potatoes from around the world.

Karla Theilen the director of the Montana Book Festival preview's the upcoming festival in Missoula. Theilen says the festival has, "kept true to some of the traditions ... in celebrating Montana's celebrated literary figures, and ... moved to another level and introduced a little bit more diverse programming, not just in the types of authors, but also in the types of events we're putting on."

Listen in to learn more about the festival's 2017 offerings from Karla Theilen and "The Write Question" host Sarah Aronson.

Stella Fong

Emblazoned on Chef Josh Cannon’s knuckles are the words “COOK THIS.” As the Executive Chef at the recently opened SEVA Kitchen in downtown Billings, he had obviously declared his passion for food. Together with Owners Harvey Singh and Schuyler Budde, he hoped to bring “globally inspired flavors” to his guests.