Bison Activists Arrested After Incident At Yellowstone National Park

Mar 7, 2018

This week, Yellowstone National Park officials arrested two animal rights activists who were protesting a controversial, annual slaughter of some of the last free-roaming bison in the world. 

The activists were arrested after trying to chain themselves to a corral where the bison are held.

They’re affiliated with the advocacy group Wild Buffalo Defense.  

“They locked themselves to the equipment and they did it to stop the park from continuing the slaughter of the wild bison," spokesperson Monty Greene says.

Hundreds of bison are rounded up outside the park every year. Many are slaughtered over concerns they could spread disease to cattle.

Saboteurs have released bison from the corrals twice in the past two months.

Both incidents are still under investigation.

Wild Buffalo Defense says they weren’t responsible for those earlier acts of vandalism.

The two bison activists who tried to chain themselves to the corrals were cited for interfering with agency functions. That’s a misdemeanor offense. 

The activists will remain in jail until a hearing early next week.