Resounds: Russell Rowland, Shann Ray

Mar 27, 2017

Russell Rowland (left) and Shann Ray

Russell Rowland and Shann Ray are two of Montana’s most prolific contemporary writers. On this episode of Resounds, they talk with Corby Skinner and Anna Paige about the character of place.

Russell Rowland has published three novels: In Open Spaces, The Watershed Years and High and Inside. He co-edited an anthology of western writers titled West of 98: Living and Writing in the New American West. His current non-fiction travelogue, 56 Counties: A Montana Journey was published in 2016.  Shann Ray has won three High Plains Books Awards, in Poetry for Balefire, and in both the First Book and Short Story categories for American Masculine. His first historic novel, American Copper, was published in 2015.  He has published two books on social science as Shann Ray Ferch.