Sexual Assault and Harrassment Topic of Upcoming Speech

Sep 7, 2016

Martha Sheehy, attorney and Board of Regents member, will speak on the issue of sexual assault and harassment on college campuses on September 10, 2016 at MSU Billings.

With college classes underway, an attorney will review criminal and college disciplinary actions surrounding cases of sexual assault and harassment during a September 10, 2016 speech in Billings.

Martha Sheehy, also a member of the Montana Board of Regents, says Title IX has been at the heart of a debate on how to protect women on campus with respect to sexual assault and harassment.

“This is now an opportune time to review the effectiveness of those efforts,” she says. “And how colleges and universities are currently protecting the rights of students involved in assault and harassment cases.”

“This is a very present discussion for young women like myself,” says MSU Billings student Morgan Tuss. “College women and men both need to be aware of harassment on college campuses and how it can affect us.”

The American Association of University Women’s (AAUW) Billings branch invited Sheehy to be their guest speaker.

The September 10, 2016 event begins at 11 a.m. at Rimrock Hall on the MSU Billings campus with a buffet lunch for $8. Sheehy’s program in Banquet Rooms A & B is free to the public, however, to guarantee seating, RSVP to Rachel Shaffer at