YPR Newscasts

  • Gov. Steve Bullock has signed a two-year, $10.3 billion budget that was a source of tension throughout the legislative session as he and lawmakers looked to close a revenue shortfall
  • U.S. Department of Justice officials say a new audit has uncovered problems with how the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation managed $2.3 million in federal grants intended to address violence against women, substance abuse and tribal justice.
  • Scientists in Toronto have named a newly identified dinosaur excavated from the Judith River Formation in Montana after a monster from the original Ghostbusters film


  • Idaho Power has announced its intention to close a Nevada coal plant it co-owns with NV Energy 10 years sooner than planned, a move that would shutter both units at Nevada's last utility-owned, coal-burning power plant by 2025
  • A South African gold mining company has completed a $2.2 billion acquisition of the only U.S. producer of platinum and palladium
  • A Canadian uranium mining company says it has taken steps to prevent
    radioactive sludge from leaking during shipment again and shouldn't be fined

  • Now that the 2017 Legislative session is over, Gov. Steve Bullock faces a stack of bills on his desk to consider for his signature or vetoes, although there are still some 100 pieces of legislation that have yet to be delivered to himz
  • Three Montana cities--Bozeman, Helena and East Helena-- passed school bonds for new construction of  elementary schools and a  high school,  in yesterday’s voting
  • Yesterday voters in Laramie and Teton counties approved a number of projects to be funded with local sales taxes, although the expansion of the court facilities in Cheyenne is subject to a recount  because the vote is close
  • Wyoming corrections officials will soon sign off with CoreCivic, former Corrections Corporation of America, to house inmates of the structurally unsound Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins becomes uninhabitable
  • Wyoming constituents were disappointed at an event yesterday when Sens. Mike Enzi and John Barrasso and Rep. Liz Cheney sent stand-in representatives to meet with the crowd instead of coming themselves

  • The Democratic candidate for Montana's U.S. House seat has reported an additional $57,000 in income previously not included in the financial disclosure statement he filed two months ago
  • The University of Wyoming is expecting layoffs in the coming weeks as it deals with more than $40 million in budget cuts
  • Forecasters are predicting significant wildfire activity this summer across the southwestern U.S. and in Florida, Georgia plus some parts of California and Nevada

  • While more than 250 bills are still on their way to the governor's desk, more than 550 died in committee or on the floors of the Montana House and Senate
  • Mike Enzi has apologized to a well-known Douglas cross-dresser for comments he says coincidentally fit the man's description
  • A new environmental study says a coal-export terminal proposed in southwest Washington would have major impacts on local communities, access to tribal fishing sites and rail safety