Want To Ban A Book? First You Have To Fill Out A Form At The Library

This is National Banned Books Week . The annual event shines a spotlight on materials that have been moved from library shelves. Library officials say this week gives them an opportunity call attention to the value of free and open access to information. That begs a question: What happens if someone has a problem with a book? “If a patron feels strongly about a book, they fill out a form, “ said Leslie Modrow, director of the Billings Public Library Foundation . “It is reviewed. They research...

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This is National Banned Books Week. The  annual event shines a spotlight on materials that have been moved from library shelves. Library officials say this week gives them an opportunity call attention to the value of free and open access to information.

That begs a question: What happens if someone has a problem with a book?

Flavor Moments: MoAv Coffee

4 hours ago
Stella Fong / YPR

A cup of java jolts those who enter MoAv Coffee at the corner of N 25th Street and Montana Avenue in the historic Carlin Hotel built in 1913.  Jeff Hosa, co-owner of MoAv coffee confessed, “We always say we are nerds about coffee.” From dawn to beyond dusk, this gathering space offers caffeine to bring pulse to life in the mornings or calm through wine and beer later in the day.

The site of Club Carlin has been extensively remodeled to provide space for poetry readings, open mic nights, and convening with friends. Hosa, continued, “Everyone who comes in here, we call them our guests. They are not customers but our guests.”

Hosa’s intent was to have a place where people could come together without being in a bar scene, but still offer a “lounge area” to hang out and relax.

All food is cooked in house with offerings of croissants and sandwiches. In the evening, more small plates will be offered.

Employees have been encouraged to create specialty drinks with names as Undertow, small drink incorporating cold cream layered on top of espresso. Hosa explained the experiential effect of an undertow from being in the ocean. A sip of the warm espresso is followed with a hit from the cold cream.  Another refreshment, the Dirty Palmer plays off the Arnold Palmer, but mixes a cold brew instead of black tea with lemonade.

Behind the counter, scales and timers bring exactness to the coffee served. Hosa wanted “The coffee taste exactly the same everyday” with every drink made consistently. Aside from the regular espresso drinks, pour overs and brew made through siphoning with halogen heating are available.

Nitro coffee was introduced recently. A refurbished vintage bike with a trailer will be available at events such as weddings to serve up nitro coffee with creamy foam.  The nitro technique makes Guiness beer popular and is

In house coffee roasting occurs twice a week to supply wholesale clients as well as MoAv. The 100 to 150 pounds of coffee roasted in a portable roaster on a given day must sit for at least two days before grinded up and brewed.  

MoAv Coffee continues to brew vitality in a popular gathering space of yesterday for current day. 

Blue Light Boogie: Money

11 hours ago
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Join us for a three hour special  pledge edition of the Blue Light Boogie with Art Hooker. You can get the blues on YPR every Friday night from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tune in or stream us online. 

Playlist #1824 Sept. 22, 2017

“Broke And Ain’t Got A Dime”, Precious Bryant, Fool Me Good, Terminus Records, http://www.preciousbryant.com/biography

Grant Kier for Congress campaign

The former executive director of an organization that works to preserve open space in western Montana is the latest candidate to enter the Democratic primary for the U.S. House.  Grant Kier thinks that experience will serve Montanans well in Congress.

He spent the past decade as the executive director of Five Valleys Land Trust, before that with the Bitter Root Land Trust. The former well site geologist says he’s learned an important lesson from his time in the non-profit world.

  The Montana Department of Justice is asking U.S. Homeland Security for more time to comply with the REAL ID Act, the 2005 federal law passed in the wake of 9/11 requiring stricter identification before boarding an airplane.

Montana is approaching an October 10 deadline when standard state driver’s licenses will no longer be acceptable forms of ID when visiting a military base or most other federal facilities. The current deadline would also require people to use an upgraded ID to board a plane by the end of January.

Proposed budget cuts could make the overcrowding at Montana’s jails and prisons worse. Groups supporting local law enforcement warned lawmakers of potential consequences of the coming cuts during the Law and Justice Interim Committee this afternoon.

Lodgepole Complex Fire
Nate Hegyi / YPR

This has been the most expensive fire season in Montana since at least 1999. Both the state and federal governments have spent a combined $378 million dollars so far battling blazes.

Nate Hegyi / YPR

Montana’s first-ever climate assessment says this past summer may be a vision of the state’s future due to climate change. 

“Montana is going to get warmer and the warming is going to be greater than in a lot of parts of the United States and the world,” says Cathy Whitlock, the report's lead author. The climate assessment was released today.

A legal settlement reached Friday could have a big impact on the future of Colstrip – both to the coal-fired power plant there, and the town itself.

Some renewable energy advocates say the settlement means the Colstrip plant could shut down sooner than had been anticipated – maybe as early as 2027, instead of sometime in the 2040s. But that depends on a lot of variables, and Colstrip’s backers say it could stay open for decades.

The University of Montana has narrowed its search for president down to four candidates. The finalists are on campus this week and Monday, visiting with faculty and students and sharing their vision for the institution, which is facing enrollment challenges.

Mirta Martin was the first prospective president to participate in an open forum held at the UC Theater Monday afternoon.



Current total: $253,470 of $220,000 minimum goal

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