Edward O'Brien

Edward O'Brien is Montana Public Radio's Associate News Director.

Organizers bringing Wyoming-based property rights attorney Karen Budd-Falen to Hamilton this weekend say tickets are going fast.

Budd-Falen's critics, meanwhile, say they'll attend the weekend workshop to make it clear that public lands should stay in public hands.

Senate Republicans are pushing for a broad tax cut, contingent on the repeal of the law requiring Americans to buy insurance coverage. Montana Senator Jon Tester wants no part of it.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says eliminating the individual mandate would leave millions uninsured.

Earlier this month, Mineral County closed its only jail for lack of staff. Now, county officials are scrambling to replace the local sheriff who abruptly resigned this week.

Helena’s Curt Chisholm had a feeling voters on Tuesday would approve the Helena jail levy, but not in his wildest dreams did he see it passing by the full 10 point margin it did.

"I was totally surprised. That's a significant margin. I think maybe we got the message out and got people informed about what this is all about."

Predator-killing cyanide traps will no longer be used on public lands in Colorado, pending further study. Colorado is now the second state to take a closer look at use of the devices, also known as M-44 cyanide bombs.

These are spring-loaded devices that resemble sprinklers. When triggered they propel one gram of lethal sodium cyanide into an animal's mouth.

A Ravalli County state representative says she will bring a controversial property rights attorney to present a land use policy workshop whether or not local elected officials chose to participate.

"Absolutely. I’m moving forward," says Theresa Manzella.

Manzella wanted to commission Karen Budd-Falen to make a four-hour land use presentation to the Ravalli County Commission.

The Montana Supreme Court Wednesday dealt a major blow to a measure that supporters say would have increased the rights of crime victims.

Montana voters passed "Marsy's Law" last November by a 66 percent majority. Wednesday, the state's high court declared it unconstitutional.

Another Democrat has jumped into the growing field of candidates vying to challenge Republican Representative Greg Gianforte for Montana’s at-large U.S. House seat.

Judy Martz, Montana’s 22nd governor, died today after a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer. Edward O’Brien has this look back at her life and career.

Former Montana Senator Max Baucus' job as U.S. ambassador to China ended in January. He now divides his time between Missoula, Bozeman, and global public speaking engagements.

Baucus this week stopped by Montana Public Radio Studios to talk about China, The Affordable Care Act, and tax reform.