Evening Newscast: Wednesday, Mar 15

Mar 16, 2017

  • A split Montana Supreme Court has ruled that a person's
    blood is not evidence
    that can be tampered with until it is removed from the body — even
    if a judge has issued a warrant authorizing a blood draw.
  • A Montana legislative committee has voted against a bill
    to set up a fund for firefighters
    who develop lung diseases as a result of their duties.
  • A new study suggests global warming often leads to
    global shrinking of mammals
  • Montana lawmakers are considering a 6 percent sales tax
    on medical marijuana
  • Montana lawmakers are poised to foot the bill to defend
    a state senator who is being sued under the state's public records act to release her emails
  • When winter weather conditions closed almost every
    road in out of Jackson last month, Teton County was left without most of its first
    responders because they couldn't get to work
  • The recent signing of a bill that will help educate future
    generations about Wyoming's native population
    is being praised by advocates who
    pushed for years to get it passed
  • Butte police are clearing out space in the city jail in
    anticipation of a rowdy St. Patrick's Day
  • Montana officials estimate the state would have to pay
    an extra $126 million a year to continue its Medicaid expansion program under federal
    legislation proposed to replace the Affordable Care Act.