Kier Looks to Build Bridges Rather Than Walls With His U.S. House Campaign

Sep 25, 2017

Credit Grant Kier for Congress campaign

The former executive director of an organization that works to preserve open space in western Montana is the latest candidate to enter the Democratic primary for the U.S. House.  Grant Kier thinks that experience will serve Montanans well in Congress.

He spent the past decade as the executive director of Five Valleys Land Trust, before that with the Bitter Root Land Trust. The former well site geologist says he’s learned an important lesson from his time in the non-profit world.

How important every dollar is everyone gives you and your responsibility to deliver a meaningful outcome with that money that people contribute," he says. "And I think the federal government needs to operate in the same way and feel deeply responsible to taxpayers that that money that goes into the greater good of our society comes back to people in their everyday lives."

Kier says he also learned when Montanans sit down and talk they find smart ways to solve problems.  He  says there’s so much more that unites Montanans than divides us.

"And I feel like right now we need people who are willing to build bridges and are more interested in mending fences than building walls," Kier says. "And I think when I talk to that rural conservative farmer or rancher or folks in downtown Missoula people are looking for that core value to be brought forward."

He says while there was no specific incident that spurred him to announce his candidacy, he says incumbent Greg Gianforte isn’t a person who reflects him or his family.

Kier is the second person to declare his intent to seek the Democratic nomination.  Last month, Billings attorney John Heenan announced his candidacy.

Shortly after Republican Greg Gianforte was picked in this past May’s special election he announced he would seek re-election in 2018.