Thank You!

Thank you for a successful spring pledge drive! We surpassed our minimum goal of $210,000 and have counted $234,911 pledges insofar. That's 1,806 individual gifts and 314 brand new donors.

​A special thank you to the 95 hardworking volunteers and 16 businesses who graciously donated food to feed the pledge drive crew all week long.

Credit Lyman Gillen

We are so grateful for your support. It's a pleasure and privilege to continue providing you top notch news, music, and programming.

Throughout its three decades of development as a regional public radio station, Yellowstone Public Radio's growth has depended on a wide network of dedicated volunteers and financial sponsors. Without them, Yellowstone Public Radio might well still be broadcasting to a few neighborhoods instead of what is one of the largest geographical areas of any public radio station. 

Since 1972, we are the little public radio station that ​can—and will continue to do so—thanks to you!

For the love of news, entertainment, music, community, food, friendship and radio,

-The YPR Staff